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Stove Top Method

Roasting a large amount on pan may be a fire hazard, so we prefer enough for a dripper or chemex,

Required tools: 
Green Coffee-Pan-Heat-Colander



  • Measure between 50-100 grams of green beans to use for a pour over brew

  • Warm pan(preferably cast-iron) for about 5 minutes with a low/med flame

  • Open a window and turn on a fan

  • Have your timer ready



  • Add beans & start timer

  • Constantly shake, stir, and agitate beans

  • Listen for 1st crack (8-10 minute mark)

  • After the peak of 1st crack the beans can technically be done, but we suggest waiting until 2nd crack to achieve full city roast.

  • 2nd crack can occur within 12-14 min 

  • Experiment with roasting times and customize for your preferred taste


Cool & Brew

  • Once roasted, dump beans into metal colander. 

  • Stir (outdoors works best)  to cool and remove chaff. 

  • If possible use a fan to cool beans

  • Brew using tools we sell or your own

  • Enjoy your roast!



Vibrant Flavors,

Customizing the roast,

No more stale beans,

Experimenting with different  origins,

Impress your friends